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"Hun ville ha ringt deg, men hun liker deg ikke."

Translation:She would have called you, but she does not like you.

September 11, 2015



so she really would not have ever called.


Denne setning skadet mine følelser :(


Denne setningen såret følelsene mine*


Telling it straight :)


Are Norwegians really that blunt? In English we would try to be polite, at least a little...


Yeah, we'd say something like 'dduuuuuddeee just forget it she's totally not into you.'


Why is ikke placed after deg, and not after hun?


With the exception of imperative sentences, "ikke" will always be placed after the main verb. If that verb is followed by a regular noun, "ikke" goes between the verb and the noun.

However, if it's followed by a pronoun like here, you have the option of placing it following the pronoun instead, which is what has been done in the sentence above. The placement of the negation relative to the pronoun does influence the meaning, as placing it before the pronoun implies that she doesn't like you - but someone else, while placing it after the pronoun just means that she doesn't like you.

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