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  5. "Hun drikker varm kaffe."

"Hun drikker varm kaffe."

Translation:She is drinking hot coffee.

September 11, 2015



Im almost sure there is a difference between 'warm coffee' and 'hot coffee'

September 11, 2015


As luke51991 says, we use "varm" as both "hot" and "warm". There is a word called "het (or "heit")", which means hot, but it's not used much anymore, except for describing attractive people...

In order to distinguish the level of warm we are talking, we instead combine "varm" with other words. For example, "glovarm" (glowing hot) is often used.

September 12, 2015


"Varm" could be either.

September 11, 2015


So, to ensure I get a steaming hot cup of coffee/tea and not a tepid or luke-warm version...how would I ask? Easter Sunday 16Apr17

April 16, 2017


Veldig varm?

April 16, 2017
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