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Gilded Tree Icon

Here's my vision of a fully-gilded tree. When one has a gilded tree, instead of seeing the lessons mapped out in a tree plan, there would be one large golden tree icon. You can choose to expand this into the lesson map, or you can choose the strengthen skills button, that would be located right beneath it. Perhaps when you lose your fully-gilded status, your tree icon could decay like lesson categories would, but with more progress bars (say 20, instead of 5). As I said, you can still expand the tree to open up the lesson map, but I'd personally prefer the simplicity of a single icon rather than tree chart that has to be vigilantly scanned. Then perhaps if additional lessons are added, they could be placed beneath the tree icon until completed, maybe attached at the roots. AND THEN: instead of (or in addition to) a fluency badge at the right of the screen that tells you your fluency percentage, the golden tree could indicate your fluency by how in-bloom it becomes... The more fluency, the more leaves it generates.

September 11, 2015


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Also: a special trumpet flourish for attaining a gilded tree, even more grandiose than that which accompanies a fully-strengthened lesson.

September 11, 2015


I like the idea. :)

September 13, 2015

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