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Pholaitíocht na hEireann Tuaisceart - Northern Irish Politics

In light of the latest stand-still in NI I thought we are lacking some key terms in the politics section of the course.

I would suggest the addition of words for: Sectarian, Resignation, Devolution, Decommission, Direct rule, First Minister, Stormont (House) Assembly, Unionist, Nationalist, Talks, Power sharing

Hope this isn't too controversal, but us NI peeps have this kind of thing to discuss.

September 11, 2015



Definitely controversial (the legacy of The Troubles and all that comes with it politically is controversial by definition, no? :) ) but I wholeheartedly agree. It's not just important for those who live in NI, (or those of us who don't, but who for whatever reason have a vested interest), but given that a lot of what's published in Gaeilge newspapers deals with current events and politics, lacking that vocabulary makes it very difficult to make one's way through a good portion of the free Irish-language publications available online. And - as you well know, but others may not - in NI, politics and culture are in many ways inextricable, so if you don't have the vocabulary to understand the politics, you'll only have at best a superficial understanding of NI culture.

Just my opinion as a Yank, albeit one who's known (what feels like) half the population of Omagh since childhood. :)


Interestingly, after decades where Irish was viewed as exclusively for nationalists (or even republicans) in the North, unionists are now beginning to learn Irish, with Linda Ervine starting regular classes, and Dr Ian Malcolm a well-known contributor to both RnaG and Twitter.


For the interested, the documentary It's a Blas available on Youtube discusses that very issue in depth. It's far from the only source that does, of course, but it's a good entry point for anyone who's either still getting started in Irish, or who is new to understanding the complicated history of Irish, the politics that became attached and are now being removed from the act of speaking the language, etc.

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