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"Der Fan sieht jetzt anders aus."

Translation:The fan looks different now.

November 1, 2013



The pronounciation for the german "Fan" is the same as in English. It is not pronounced "Fehn".


It took me several minutes to figure out what the hell the computer was trying to say. (Apparently I guessed close enough not to lose a heart...)


Horrible pronunciation


I want my money back, she said fane


Why is "The Fan looks now differently" wrong?


That is unnatural in English.


I said "The Fan looks differently now", is that also not correct? It was marked wrong. I am not a native English speaker so any help would be appreciated.


I agree to the other posts below. I speak german as a mother tongue and this is not how you pronounce the word "fan"


I have had some difficulties to recognize "fan", because the pronunciation was "feehn". I have reported it as a mistake of the audio file.


I had no idea what was being said here! Well done to those who did.


when you're using the word sehen, how can you know the difference between sees and looks?


"Sehen" by itself means "to see", but "aussehen" is a separable verb which means "to look/appear". For example, "Sie sieht den Hund" = "She sees the dog", whereas, "Sie sieht glücklich aus" = "She looks happy". There is another separable verb, ansehen, which means, "to look at". E.g. "Sie sieht den Hund an" = "She looks at the dog".


What does this sentence have to do with adverbs? "Different" in the sentence "To look different" is an adjective (one's appearance has changed). "Differently" in "you look differently" is an adverb (e.g. one's point of view has changed)


Why did we say " Anders " even though they are no word that takes Das in the sentence ?


I replied "the fan looks now different" and it was marked wrong and the answer should've been "The fan looks different now." How can those 2 phrases be considered so different and 1 marked wrong and the other marked correct ?

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