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Evildea (Esperanto YouTuber) AMA!

To continue our Esperanto Celebrity AMA (Ask Me Anything) series, we have Evildea with us... accepting questions in English and Esperanto! Learn more:

Mi nomiĝas Evildea (kompreneble, tio estas mia kaŝnomo), mi naskiĝis en 1987, kaj lernis Esperanton en 2010. Mi estas aktoro, produktoro, kaj prelegisto de Sidnejo, Aŭstralio. Mi fondis Esperanto-TVon kaj produktadas ĝin kun Roberto Poort. Mi estas aktiva Esperanto-JuTubisto, kiu ĉiutage produktas novajn diverstemajn filmetojn en aŭ pri Esperanto. Kutime, ili estas amuzaj kaj stultaj sed ne ĉiam.

My name is Evildea (Of course, that’s my alias), I was born in 1987, and learned Esperanto is 2010, I’m an actor, producer, and lecturer from Sydney, Australia. I founded Esperanto-TV and continue to produce it with Robert Poort. I’m an active Esperanto YouTuber, who produces new, assorted films in or about Esperanto every day. Usually, they are funny and stupid but not always.

The AMA is over. Thanks everyone for participating!

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September 11, 2015

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Did you face any criticism when you were learning Esperanto? For example, when I tell people/family that I am learning it, they often wonder why I would "waste my time" with a "fake" language. If so, how did you deal with it?


My family have never criticised me. Lots of other people have, of course. When someone calls it a fake language, I generally laugh at them and then look at them like "Oh you're serious". I then ask them to define "fake language". Usually it's based on some idea of "No country", "No culture", "No one speaks it". All of which are easy enough myths to destroy or clarify. I don't try to convert anyone to my thinking, though. I give them enough information to make them want to at least Wikipedia it themselves.


Hello. I like videoblogs in general, because being aware of different point of views and different lifestyles is so interesting. But because of English, most of the point of views are actually quite similar. At one point in my life, I wanted to make videoblogs in English, but I gave up because of the difficulty of pronouncing this language. I could make videoblogs in my native language, but I did not, because I wanted to speak to the world. With Esperanto, I would not have this problem. If we happen to have a big movement of Esperanto videobloggers, sharing elements of our everyday lives, from all cultures of the world, would become so easy. That would be some interesting! People could easily understand the lives and cultures watching short videoblogs in a easy way! It is a future I would like to live in, and thanks to your channel, the probability of this becoming true is bigger than ever.

Do you think I am crazy, or in a way you think the same?


I totally agree. I'ill actually in the next few weeks be doing a few collaborations with fellow YouTubers who are bigger than me here in Sydney. All had never previously heard of Esperanto. As a result through our collaborations, though, I'll be able to expose Esperanto to potentially tens of thousands of more viewers some of which might learn the language. I also believe vlogs are a great way of learning about a community without feeling like a stalker. You can watch, listen and learn without feeling intrusive. Vlogs also glue a community together, most of us don't have Esperanto speaking friends, but I hope, though my videos, that for five minutes a day we can all live in Esperantujo.


Do you think there's anything in the Esperanto community that needs attention/improvement, and what can we do to help remedy that?


The Esperanto community is really lacking in the modern media department. There's not enough film, music, and video games - tons of books though. These are things I personally enjoy so naturally I believe there is a big hole here to be filled.


If a mega-rich Esperanto-loving philanthropist gave you a blank cheque in order to enrich Esperantujo however you wanted, what would you do with it?


Such a hard question really. Since I love film, and I know film, I'd probably focus on making the most epic sci-fi movie ever (like friggen Avatar) in Esperanto with English subtitles and send it to every theatre world wide. That should spare some interest :D Or maybe I'll just invest in Chuck Smith as everything he does seems to be awesome.


Hi all! Thanks for commenting! The AMA has now officially ended. Thank you all for your questions!


How did you encourage your friends and/or family to learn Esperanto, if you did it?


I come from a fairly poor uneducated family so my parents see it as astonishing that I'm able to speak a foreign language so well. My younger brother speaks a bit and my mum wants to learn but she's too busy atm. Most of my close friends already speak Esperanto (I met them locally through Esperanto). One who is moving back to Sydney plans to learn with me. I don't encourage people, I just keep telling them how awesome it is, and sometimes that rubs off.

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