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  5. "Tamamen senin."

"Tamamen senin."

Translation:Completely yours.

September 11, 2015



İt sounds like a romantic phrase


Tamam is Arabic. In Persian, we use the same pattern to make adverbs just for some Arabic loanwords. Tamam + an (Completely), Asl + an (Never), Vaghe + an (Really), Tarjih + an (Preferably), Luzum + an (Necessarily)


This pattern is also used in Arabic. It is, however, not used constructively in Turkish. Normally when you see it, it was just borrowed in that form (keeping in mind that "tamam" means something totally in different in Turkish than it does in Arabic).


Tamam usually means OK, right? Is there is connection?


They are from the same root in Arabic, although the meanings in Turkish may be different than there original (this is definitely true with "tamam")


"Tam" means "has become complete" in Arabic, tamam might mean "alright" because the conditions have been fulfilled to achieve satisfaction. Turkish tamaman has a meaning close to the original Arabic word as far as I understood the Turkish word.


so how can i say only "completely"?


What's wrong with utterly yours?


Nothing. The word "utterly" is a little uncommon so we had forgotten to add it. It has been added now :)


Thank you very much :)


This is how we use tamam in Urdu like complete, all, or finish. I also want to know why Turkish uses Hayır ,which İ presume comes from Arabic word Khair خیر , for no. In Urdu we use it for fine/ok as in 'Is everything okay?' 'Kya sab khairyat hai?' or 'Allah khair kare' i.e. 'May God make everything come out fine'.

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