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  5. "Hvordan inkluderer vi ham?"

"Hvordan inkluderer vi ham?"

Translation:How do we include him?

September 11, 2015



Can someone please explain this question framing ..or sentence framing in general... Its getting too different from English..


In Danish, the question word tends to come first, followed by the verb, then the subject, then the rest of the sentence.

  • Vi inkluderer ham. = We include him.

  • Inkluderer vi ham? = Do we include him?

  • Hvordan inkluderer vi ham? = How do we include him?

  • Hvorfor inkluderer vi ham? = Why do we include him?

And so on.


Det danske ord for inkludere er medregne. Hvordan regner vi ham med .....hvordan tæller vi ham med ....hvordan sætter vi ham med ind.


You want a second playmaker in your team but you have already a starting 11. Now, how do we include him?

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