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Correcting each others writings?

Hi everyone,

Duolingo is awesome as it is, but I have the feeling that I need to use the language I'm learning a lot more in order to be able to confidently speak it in the future. Now, after each lesson you are asked to post something on your stream with the words you've just learnt. I think that's awesome, but it would be even more awesome to get your writings corrected after that :D

I'm a German native speaker, therefore I offer you to correct your German posts. I'd love to get my posts in every other language corrected in return. ( I intend to do all languages that Duolingo offers :D ). What do you think? Anybody interested? :D

Let's learn together <3

May 25, 2012



I like that idea! Unfortunately, I have no more lessons to do, and they added that option after I finished the lessons, so....maybe there's another place to have that conversation...?


I like that idea too. Translating static sentences is all well and good, but to really learn a language you have to be able to create sentences on your own. But correctly them is a bit beyond a computer program's capabilities at the moment. Like you said, I use the new compose feature at the end of each lesson, but no way to know if I got it right. It'd be great to work back and forth with each other on that aspect. One thing with your English (which is pretty good BTW), because English is so widespread around the world, there are variations from one country to another. Mostly in vocabulary (truck/lorry, elevator/lift, diaper/nappy - that sort of thing) but also slight differences in grammar. N Americans tend to use more contractions for example. Sometimes the differences are enough that I've been asked by Americans to 'translate' what a Brit said, they couldn't understand. Fortunately, having a Scottish father, a Canadian mother and living/working in the US for many years, I'm "trilingual" in English LOL.


Maybe we can use the streaming to talk about things that are occurring to us on a daily basis. That would help reinforce some of the vocabulary and grammar lessons.


Great, thank you so much for your answers so far. I'll watch out for posts in my stream which I can correct. Hopefully we can get even more users on board so that this idea will become very effective :)

@ bjorseth - Don't worry, the thing after the lessons just asks you to post something on your stream in the language you are learning. Since you can always do that, it doesn't really matter whether you have already completed the lessons or not. Just post about something :D

@arethusa - Your posts were actually the ones that made me come up with this idea, I haven't really seen anyone else using the stream for this purpose so far. I'm glad you like it. I'll watch out for your posts :)


With the thing after the lessons to post something in the language you're learning, I've taken it as a challenge to see if I can get ALL the words they want into one sentence. It makes it much more challenging than to just type a few short sentences, each with only one or two of the words. It forces you to work with verb tenses a lot more. I suggested to Duolingo that they find some way to give points for such compositions, perhaps based on how many one can get into one sentence that makes sense, but haven't heard back. I've also noticed that once in a while, Duolingo has mistakes in English, so I guess it probably does in other languages too. Perhaps a reflection of the mother tongue of the programmers? That's where working together with each other can really help. Summer Song ist so ein guter Name.

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