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Measuring the day streaks

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I love betting lingots on "Double or nothing", but would surely suggest some improvements: 1) I am a night owl and often work until the late night and came into habit of completing at least one lesson of Duolingo before I go to sleep. The problem is that for measuring progress the day stops at midnight. Would not it be possible to set your own time limit during the day when the line will be drawn? An example: If I complete the lesson at 11pm and the next day at 1am before I go to sleep, I have interrupted the suquence. But from my perspective I kept practicing. If I set my day end to 2pm, then both days count. 2) If someone like me learns more than 1 language, how the counting works in terms of betting on ""Double or nothing"? I suppose it is enough to make 7-days-streak in at least one of the languages, but it is not entirely clear.

Thanks for considering suggestion 1) and for clarifing 2) - ideally directly in the textual description of "Double or nothing" bet.

Have a great weekend,


4 years ago