"O kitabı okuman lazım."

Translation:You need to read that book.

September 12, 2015

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And if I want to say" he needs to read that book" it would be "O kitabı okuma lazım" just to be sure?


you need possessive with gerund + lazım So your sentence should be: (Onun) O kitabı okuması lazım.


can it be translated as "He /she nees you to read the book"? in case a comma is put after "O"


No, it can't. If there is a person who needs you to do something, you use a construction with "ihtiyacı var".


Could you tell me more about this construction, please?


Could you pls give us an example with "ihtiyaci var". Until this moment I only saw "ihtiyaci olmak". Perhaps you could give us the translation of "He needs you to read that book"?


İ'd like to give it a try: (Onun) o kitabı okumana ihtiyacı var. Do correct me if İ'm wrong.


Looks right! To me, it feels like a cross between the gerekiyor form, and a "have-a" sentence. The structure is:

[wanter-genitive] [wanted-dative] ihtiyaç-[possessive] var/yok.


It goes a bit like this:

okumak "to read" - infinitive

okuma "reading" - a noun indicating the action of reading.

okuman "your reading" - the fact that you read, or your action of reading

okuman lazım "your reading is necessary" = it is necessary that you read.

o kitabı okuman lazım "your reading that book is necessary" = it is necessary that you read that book = you need to read that book.


Isnt "o" for he and she? Why is it written you?!


o also means "that".

o kitabı is "that book" (as a direct object).

oku-ma-n is "your reading"; the -n ending indicates "you".

"your reading is necessary = you need to read"


To supply mizinamo: the personal pronoun connected to the gerund would be in the genitive form, in this case 'Senin o kitabı okuman lazım'. If it were he/she the sentence should be 'Onun o kitabı okuması lazım.'

İn other cases where the personal pronoun is the subject of a sentence, it should be followed by a comma, e.g. 'O, o kitabı okur. (she reads that book.)' or if it is not a particular book just 'O, kitabı okur. (She reads the book.)'


So this is like "your reading of this book is necessary"? قراءتك هذا الكتاب لازم


So this is like "your reading of this book is necessary"?

More literally, "Your reading this book is necessary" (turning "reading this book" into a noun phrase that can be possessed by "your").


Bu kitabı okuman lazım değil, it is not necessary to read this book but it marks, it is necessary that you read that book, as wrong. Does not make sense. The only word different is değil meaning not


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