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  5. "O kitabı okuman lazım."

"O kitabı okuman lazım."

Translation:You need to read that book.

September 12, 2015



And if I want to say" he needs to read that book" it would be "O kitabı okuma lazım" just to be sure?


you need possessive with gerund + lazım So your sentence should be: (Onun) O kitabı okuması lazım.


can it be translated as "He /she nees you to read the book"? in case a comma is put after "O"


No, it can't. If there is a person who needs you to do something, you use a construction with "ihtiyacı var".


Could you tell me more about this construction, please?


Could you pls give us an example with "ihtiyaci var". Until this moment I only saw "ihtiyaci olmak". Perhaps you could give us the translation of "He needs you to read that book"?


İ'd like to give it a try: (Onun) o kitabı okumana ihtiyacı var. Do correct me if İ'm wrong.


It goes a bit like this:

okumak "to read" - infinitive

okuma "reading" - a noun indicating the action of reading.

okuman "your reading" - the fact that you read, or your action of reading

okuman lazım "your reading is necessary" = it is necessary that you read.

o kitabı okuman lazım "your reading that book is necessary" = it is necessary that you read that book = you need to read that book.


Harikasın (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ


Isnt "o" for he and she? Why is it written you?!


o also means "that".

o kitabı is "that book" (as a direct object).

oku-ma-n is "your reading"; the -n ending indicates "you".

"your reading is necessary = you need to read"


To supply mizinamo: the personal pronoun connected to the gerund would be in the genitive form, in this case 'Senin o kitabı okuman lazım'. If it were he/she the sentence should be 'Onun o kitabı okuması lazım.'

İn other cases where the personal pronoun is the subject of a sentence, it should be followed by a comma, e.g. 'O, o kitabı okur. (she reads that book.)' or if it is not a particular book just 'O, kitabı okur. (She reads the book.)'

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