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"Hvor mange milliarder mennesker bor her?"

Translation:How many billions of people reside here?

September 12, 2015



A question asked once by an invading alien force when determining whether to use the planet destroying core-drill or not.


I feel like 'milliards' should be accepted here. It might be a bit old-fashioned but it's still a real word, at least in British English.


"milliards of" is accepted, as is "milliard".


ooh I see. Thanks!


This sentence sounds very strange to me in English. "how many billions of people reside here" because it seems to answer itself. That's like me asking "what is the fork called in english?" I just answered my own question.


A fork is a fork, sure. But you didn't mention the number. What is it? Three billions? Eighteen billions? Or asked differently, how would you phrase the question instead? Let's keep in mind that duolingo sentences always require a certain degree of similarity.


Would it be better if the question was changed to "How many billion people reside here?"

It would still be a natural English sentence wouldn't it, and we'd eliminate the feeling of giving the answer with the question (the answer possibly being "billions of people").


Nå sju jeg tenker.


Nå sju, tror jeg*


Takk! Ahh, forgot my word order. Is tror interchangeable with tenker or discriminable like glaube/denke and believe/think?


Tror is (used to be) the common verb for when asked an opinion, but tenker is more and more frequent now because of the English influence of think.


Also, "synes" can be used to express your opinion, as in "jeg synes han er snill" (I think he is kind).


Weird sounding sentence. English speakers don't really say 'billions' (plural) in that situation.


I am a native English speaker and I would use 'billions', however, I have heard people do it the other way, and I think either is acceptable.

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