"Англійський сніданок"

Translation:English breakfast

September 12, 2015

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Is there a reason I can't put 'an' in front of this?


No reason. Added.


Can this also mean English Breakfast Tea?


No. Only if you put it in quotes and you do know from the context that it is a name/type of tea. Sorry, I might have misunderstood you)


Is the Г similar to a Hebrew 'r'? I can't seem to get my head around it.


If comparing to Hebrew, it's more like a ה when pronounced and voiced.


Speaking of Ukrainian relation to Hebrews, google the Holodomor


(Alexander) No, it is like an 'h' in English (ה in Hebrew). I think the Belarusian 'Г' is like to (ר).


Oh no, please don't mix up Ukrainian and Belarusian Г! I know such pronunciation is very common, I know that even some Ukrainian celebrities do pronounce Г like a Belarusian sound, but you as language learners, don't repeat this mistake! The difference is the following: Belarusian Г is the strict voiced pair to the Х ([x]) sound, while Ukrainian Г is the voiced pair to the English H sound. To make it, try saying "Haaaa!", but start with voice from the beginning, the mouth should be open (like in the word "Harmony", for example), but try to make the H voiced, and you'll get it. I love that sound, it gives the language a large part of its musicality.


I know that we commented it here a long time ago, but, just to add some information, in Brazilian Portuguese the common initial R, and RR, sound is similar to Belarusian's G (which is /ɣ/), although uvular (/ʁ/), while in my region we do it exactly as the Ukrainian H (/ɦ/).


In European Portuguese too! But the original one, from Coimbra.


Really tasty but not a healthy meal!

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