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"In August it often rains in the United States."

Translation:En aŭgusto ofte pluvas en Usono.

September 12, 2015



So you can't say "Ofte pluvas auxguste en Usono" ?


I don't see why not... Most likely it simply isn't in the list of sentences Duo knows about.


i think you should be able to. they accepted my answers: "Aŭguste pluvas ofte en Usono"


No need to say "La Usono" ? I don't understand why that isn't correct.


I'd say it's for the same reason you wouldn't say "la Francio" (unless you were actually saying something like, say, "the France of yester-year").

Usono = the United States of America
so mentioning something like "la Usono" would then be rendered as "the the USA" (which is perfectly understandable, if "a bit" redundant).

/disclaimer: Mi estas komencanto.

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