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"Bu haber sizi mutlu edebilir."

Translation:This news might make you happy.

September 12, 2015



One thing I notice with my Turkish students is their overuse of can when speaking English (Turks learning English). This is a good example I think. It would be more natural to say might or will here. So much question is this - how to say might? Belki bu haber sizi mutlu eder ?? I recommend at least changing this sentence on the Turkish side of Duo (Turks learning English).


Why can't we say "This new can make you happy." why does it have to be "news"?


News is an uncountable noun with no singular/plural distinction. New isn't a noun in English; it's just the adjective that translates to yeni.


"These news can make you happy" I guess. Although, yes, both "might" or "will" sound better than "can" in this context.


"these news" does not make sense in English. "news" is always treated as singular in English, even if there are multiple pieces of news.


See above regarding might/may and can.


What is the meaning of this sentence in English please, İ cant see it as my answer was marked wrong SuperMark (so that İ can understand your comment on the overuse of 'can')


I translated "This news can make you happy" and it had been marked as correct. The translation Duo is giving here is " This news might make you happy". I think that is it what you wanted to know.


For Turks learning English, it's important for them to realise that can isn't a solution to everything. In this example, may/might > can.


thanks, okay. I understand. I am German and English is not my best language.


"Bu haber sizi mutlu edebilir." Translation: This news might make you happy.


This news may make you happy.

Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.

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