"Я не п'ю чай без лимону."

Translation:I do not drink tea without lemon.

September 12, 2015

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"Лимон" у родовому відмінку однини має закінчення -а. Без лимона, а не без лимону. http://rodovyi-vidminok.wikidot.com/l


Whis is the dative used?


It uses genitive (it should, at least), but genitive endings for masculine nouns is a confusing topic even for natives (for some nouns it's a, for others it's у). Unfortunately in this case creators of the course made such a mistake and it wasn't corrected for 5 years now


well, both "без лимону" and "без лимона" are widely used by the native speakers, so in this sense both are correct.

I'm not this course contributor, but I checked the answers anyway - "без лимона" is also accepted as a valid answer. So I don't think there's anything to correct here. Maybe make "без лимона" the best answer to match the prescriptive rule which is hardly being followed by most of the speakers anyway. But "без лимону" should definitely be accepted too, it's not incorrect.


Може виправите? Пішов третій місяць.


"I don't drink tea without 'a' lemon." I believe this is acceptable.

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