Translation:An dúlra.

September 12, 2015

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FGB lists over a dozen possibilities for "Nature"

Dúlra isn't one of them (even though there is an entry for Dúlra, "The elements, nature".


It also lists An Nadúr, which Duolingo didn't accept a year ago, at the time that I made my comment. I have no problem adding dúlra to my vocabulary, I was just pointing out that it wouldn't necessarily be the first choice for all Irish speakers, in all contexts.


I learned the word nadur for nature when i went to school. What has changed


Nothing has changed - an nádúr still means "nature", though it's not the only word that can be used. But it is one of those words that normally takes a definite article in Irish, even though it doesn't in English. I don't know what alternative answers Duolingo accepts for this exercise, but if you get this question again, try an nádúr and use the "Report a Problem" button if it isn't accepted.

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