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  5. "Tá siad bródúil asat."

" siad bródúil asat."

Translation:They are proud of you.

September 12, 2015



I misheard this as "tá sé bródúil asat". Is there any contextual advice that can help me distinguish hearing siad vs sé?


This is exactly what I heard as well!. There is no contextual advice possible as "He is proud of you" would also be correct if you heard "se" not" siad". In a longer conversation this might be possible. The answer is for the speakers on the audio to slow down and enunciate every word as they are dealing with beginners and learners not other native speakers. As I presume, the audio is all pre-recorded, this may not be possible until a new revision of the course is done which frankly is badly needed


Same problem with me.


It pretty clearly says "'sé" and not "siad". Still wrong as of May 2017.


It really sounds like tá sé rather than tá siad. August 2017.


It is weird, but when I first ran across this sentence, I heard "tá sé". Now, after 'tuning' my ears better I'm hearing "tá siad". Her accent also sometimes runs words together so that a consonant appears to jump from one word to another, so be warned ahead of time.


I hear siad. January 2018


I heard, "Tá siad bródúil asaibh" - actually, I couldn't hear the last consonant, and guessed wrong.

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