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"I could eat this fish sandwich."

Translation:Ich könnte dieses Fischsandwich essen.

January 3, 2013



While I do get it right every single time, I couldn't pinpoint the exact difference between "konnte" and "könnte."


"konnte" is past indicative and "könnte" is subjunctive (past) http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/k%C3%B6nnen#German


I'm a physicist. This sounds Greek to me... Thanks, though for trying...


Konnte is the normal past tense. Könnte is more like a possibility or philosophical statement. It's kinda like the difference between "when I was a teacher..." and "if I were a teacher..." One is past tense, the other is more a philosophical statement (which is named the subjunctive). It's hard to explain without using the "greek". Sorry, I hope you get it though!


Is there any difference between "dies" and "dieses"?

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