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"Ryggsäcken är öppen, du kommer att tappa allt!"

Translation:The backpack is open, you are going to drop everything!

September 12, 2015



Is this similar to Lek inte med maten where the food means your food?

In other words, would Your backpack is open.... be an acceptable translation? Or does it differ from the above example in which case we would just use Din ryggsäcken..... ?



Yup, "your" is also accepted. :)


How does one differentiate between "lose" and "drop" if "tappa" means both?


Contextually, or by specifying tappa bort for "lose".


OK. Got it! Thank you! :D


Are comma splices like this acceptable in Swedish?


Depending on the style, some people might find them inappropriate. They're very common, though, and most people don't care much about them.

So it's basically as in English: they're ungrammatical, very common, and editors may complain about them - at least in formal writing. The rule isn't really taught in school, though, so there are a lot more people reacting to them in English than in Swedish.

I'm aware that we feature a few more comma splices than I'd like in the Swedish course, but considering that the system tends to screw up punctuation besides commas and periods, I think it might be better to leave them in.


I see. Thanks for such a swift and thorough response!


Why "opened" is a mistake?


Öppen is an adjective which corresponds to ’open’. ’Opened’ is a past participle from the verb ’to open’ whose equivalent in Swedish would be öppnad.


Apparently, "You're" isn't the same as "You are".


That would be an error on the main system not affectable by course contributors, then. All sentences with "you are" are created without contractions, and Duolingo adds the versions with contractions automatically.


Please explain why "you will drop" instead of "you are going" isn't accepted? Thanks


That's accepted, but the sentence had an administrative error with punctuation, so I think all reports about sentences that should obviously have been accepted were really caused by that. It's been fixed now, so here's hoping it won't be a problem in the future.

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