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  5. "Is cailín cáiliúil í."

"Is cailín cáiliúil í."

Translation:She is a famous girl.

September 12, 2015



If I wanted to say "She is the famous girl" would it then be: Is í an cailín cáiliúil í ?


Lets see if I get this? In the case of "Taim cáiliúil, an bhfuil tu?" we use tá, because in the "tá" goes the adjective cáiliúil, but I could change the sentence to "Is buachaill cáiliúil me, an bhfuil tu?" because "Is" goes with noun buachaill?


When you're linking a noun/pronoun (the in táim) with an adjective (cáiliúil), you use , but when you're linking a noun/pronoun with a noun (buachaill), you use the copula is - the adjective doesn't make any difference (is buachaill mé, is buachaill cáiliúl mé).

As Searlasmane points out, you would need to stick with the copula for the "are you?" part too, and it would probably be the rather cumbersome an buachaill cáiliúil thú?


Is buachaill cáiliúil mé ok, but an bhfuil tú wouldn't make sense there because it's a different verb


Every preteen's fantasy ever.


What would be the best way to state "the girl is famous"?


Tá an cailín cáiliúil would be one way to state it.


cailín is a masculine word, so why not é


The word may be grammatically masculine, but the people that it refers to are unequivocally feminine.

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