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  5. "Hvilket barn valgte hun?"

"Hvilket barn valgte hun?"

Translation:Which child did she choose?

September 12, 2015



Could this also mean "Which child chose her?" And the meaning depends on the situation or does there have to be a certain order for the words?


That would've been "Hvilket barn valgte henne"


Oh, of course. My bad. Thank you!


Thought Dou would have quoted Sophies World more readily than Sophies Choice as thats one of the few originally Norwegian novels english speakers may have read. Must be some odd phases in that due to the context?


There are plenty of references to Norwegian books, lyrics, and films in the course. Norwegian learners just don't pick up on them as readily, for obvious reasons.


Is the pronunciation of "valGte" correct in this exercise? To me it seems to be the first time that the G is actually pronounced like a G sound, as opposed to more of a Y sound.


Yes, the pronunciation is fine (default audio, in Chrome). The "g" can either be silent, soft, or more pronounced depending on your dialect.


why is it not children? as in the woman chose the good children over the misbehaving ones. which children did she choose, the good ones or the needy ones? We are setting up a teaching farm for challenged teens. most of them would be classified as "troubled" or bad. I would choose them, The children not singular. If you were talking about a mother at a playground. it would be different. of course it would be which child did she choose? hers! or the one. this reminds me of the difference or similarity between dere & du.


I think because it is 'hvilket' and not 'hvilke,' implying a singular neuter noun rather than a plural.


I wondered this too.. Could it not be.. Which children did she choose?

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