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Students are cheating!

What can I do? My students have found a way to cheat and get credit for lessons that they didn't do. They are logging into duolingo, then they turn off the internet from their laptops, and proceed to type any letters which are incorrect for questions to the test out section, then before the last question, they turn on the internet and answer the last question. When they hit enter, they have just received credit for all the lessons that they really did not master.

September 12, 2015



Give them a test.

Give them credit for the test, not for doing Duo lessons.


You're the teacher, you're the boss. Show them that.

Kids nowadays are always forgetting whose the boss. Just tell them something along the lines of "Hey, kids! If you are caught cheating I will send you to the principal's office!," etc, etc, etc.

On a side note, unfortunately, this is a glitch widely known to Duolingo and there is not really any way to fix it.


Yeah, that happened to me one time while I was completing a skill for class. I decided to go on a different device.


Thanks, I like the idea above- give them a test on the content.


Hahaha, those are some really clever students you have! XD

But all jokes aside, that is really bad. In my Spanish class at school, we have to learn skills on Duo sometimes, but then in class we have to review what we learned on Duo when we get a quiz. We also have to fill in "conjugation charts", which our teacher creates from looking at the Duo lesson. So I guess that proves if we cheat on Duo or not, because we get a bad grade for incorrect answers and have to redo any homework that is wrong.

In most classes, our class motto is "If you promise to be true, there's an 'A' waiting for you."


I love the class motto! Awesome, I think I will give a little quiz each time I have a lesson due. They are really only hurting themselves, it's so easy to do Duolingo and fun.


Yeah, Duolingo is too much fun to skip!! I would never be caught cheating. :D


Give them an automatic 0 for a test if they cheat.

[deactivated user]

    Then don't let them use Duolingo! Paper and Pencil is a good punishment, until they understand what is good and what is not. It's also the teacher's fault, shouldn't be letting students cheat like that.

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