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  5. "What colors do you like?"

"What colors do you like?"

Translation:Hvilke farger liker du?

September 13, 2015



Why it is "Hvilke", if the question is what?

Should not be "Hva farger liker du?", instead of "Hvilke", for this question?

The question and the answer don't make sense...


In English, you have the option of asking either "What colours do you like?" or "Which colours do you like?". Using "which" usually implies that there's a select number of options to choose from, often rather few, while using "what" makes the question more open.

In Norwegian, we use "hvilke" in both cases. Saying "Hva farger liker du?" is bad form.


Thank you for the answer.

I thought that the same principles would apply in Norwegian, since the question does not let the idea of choosing one or many colors clear.

This is a little confusing, since some other open ended questions seems to use Hva instead of Hvilke. Is that a special case or something?


"Hvilke" is the plural form, so that part is clear. If you wanted to ask for one colour, then the question would be rephrased as "Hvilken farge liker du?"

Do you have any examples of the sort of open-ended questions you're thinking of? There may be other cases, but generally it works like this:

what + verb = hva
what/which + plural noun = hvilke
what/which + singular noun = hvilken (m/f), hvilket (n)


I know this was posted 3 years ago but jeez are you helpful with your replies. Thank you so much for always being so active in the community. It's helped my learning experience tremendously.


I mean, technically, it's bad form in English too, to use "what" in a case with limited options. It's become so commonplace now though that it is accepted.

Thanks for all your help in this course!


Jeg liker rosa og lilla.


Jeg liker oransj og blå.


Jeg liker mintgrønn og lilla.


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