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What is the goal when translating?

This may be a silly question but what is the goal when translating the real world examples from internet web pages? Is it to get each word in a sentence translated perfectly or to get the overall sentence (and thus, idea) translated for concise, easy understanding?

For instance I just tried translating a sentence that, to my mind, could have been: "Perhaps these examples will serve as inspiration" OR "Perhaps these these examples will serve you with inspiration" OR "Perhaps these examples will serve as inspiration to you."

All three translations hold the same meaning. The only differnece is that, in the first translation, in English, the "you" is implied (who else would the author be writing the words for if not the "you" that reads it?). However, in the original Spanish there is definitely a "you" in the sentence.

So, is the goal to make sure, in this case, that the "you" is included in the sentence or is it to translate the sentence in the most concise manner?

February 5, 2012



NPC - non-player character :)


...so I think that translates to concise rather that exact. (although in cases where the original is too concise then I think you have to do the opposite and extrapolate...for instance I just translated "NPC" as "Our Heavenly Father." Whatever the native ear needs to hear for clarity is my guide.


...you may be right! If I met the silver beast on the right I'd be hoping I had enough lives to get past his level...though it could just be a bad case of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma...or Nuclear Pore Complex


Its not a silly question. I'm a bit confused by them too. Unfortunately I don't have an answer :(

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