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  5. "Hva drikker elgene?"

"Hva drikker elgene?"

Translation:What are the moose drinking?

September 13, 2015



I admit it, I tried to use "meese" as the plural form of "moose".


Duolingo should accept mooses since they accept fishes. Neither are correct.


Technically, "Fishes" isn't incorrect:



It's just not a typical usage. I agree, though, that maybe Duolingo should discourage the usage in this case. "Fishes" in English is only used in some pretty specific cases.

As a speaker of American English, I'm going to defend "moose". We would say "What do moose drink" to refer to the general plural, and "What do the moose drink?" for the definitive plural. Same thing for deer and elk/wapiti- in American English, at least.


Fishes is generally used when referring to multiple fish of different species. Whereas fish (plural) refers to multiple fish of the same species. As far as I know, there's no such rule for moose.


agreed! especially when English isn't your native tongue, you can make mistakes like this..


I totally sympathize with weirdness that is English Grammar. I think this video might help a little:



Very nice video. Thanks you. Her voice is soft, I like it


Elgin????? Is elgen... The audio sounds really bad her....


I had the same audio. Its not correct


I have same audio issues.... I am assuming "el-gen-eh" (with a hard "g") is correct.


Yeah, I got the correct audio before, but it's broken now, at least on the web version. Sounds like "el-jin". Your assumption is correct.


Phew. I have been going along this whole time using the hard 'g'. Hearing the broken audio made me wonder if I had been wrong....good to know I wasn't. Takk!


Why "What does the moose drink?" Not accepted?


"Elgene" is plural/definite.

The translation of your sentence would be, "Hva drikker elgen."


I'm yet to learn the grammar, but if "Hva spiser elgene?" means "What do the moose eat?" what would be the wording of "What eats the moose?"


"Hva er det som spiser elg"


Trans: What is that that eats moose/elk? 20Oct15


That would be the literal translation of my sentence, yes. That, or "What is it that eats moose", both 'it' and 'det' being possible translations of 'det', depending on context.


It would work both ways actually - "Hva spiser elgene?" could also mean "What eats the moose?", so you would have to figure it out from context.


What is drinking the moose? :D "Hva er det som drikker elgene?" - would be the right question if I wanna know what is that monster, that's drinking the moose... right? And if I want to know what the moose drink/are drinking: "Hva er det som elgene drikker?"... am I right?


Absolutely correct! You could skip the "som" in the last one, so it's "What are the moose drinking?" rather than "What is it that the moose are drinking/What is that which the moose are drinking?".


What drinks the moose? ;)


I thought moose were American animals and elk were European animals: perhaps they are just the same. Just like Caribou are American but Reindeer are European. If this is a Norwegian in Norway, he or she is probably talking about an elk and not a moose.


The animals that North Americans refer to as elk (a.k.a., wapiti) don't exist in Europe.

Eurasian elk (Alces alces alces) and moose (Alces alces americanus) are almost identical genetically; they are considered semi-species. The picture below shows caribou and reindeer as the same animal, and although they're the same species (Rangifer tarandus), it's not strictly accurate. There are multiple subspecies; caribou haven't been domesticated, whereas reindeer have.


How would you say "What do moose drink?"


"Hva drikker elger?"

Elger is the indefinite plural form, elgene is the definite plural form.


how do we detect the plural of the animal in question?


If you mean how to detect it in Norwegian; it's the last e. Singular would be "Hva drikker elgen?".

If you mean how to detect it in the English sentence; the "are". Singular would be "What is the moose drinking?".


Hva spiser skilpadder? = What do turtles eat? (Is correct.) Hva drikker elgene? What do the moose drink? (Is not correct.)


Not sure I understand you correctly here. But both of those translations are correct.

Hva drikker elgene? = What do the moose drink? / What are moose drinking?


Moose is not plural! If you'd use as default the translation 'elk' you could avoid this whole ridiculous situation, Duolingo.


But it is:


The problem is elk doesn't mean the same animal in American English- we have elk in America, it's just a different animal.

I agree, though, that elk should be accepted in deference to the U.K. usage of the term.


"Elk" has always been accepted, it's just not the default translation.

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