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What to do if students get ahead?

Hello, This week I will start teaching 5 classes from the fourth to eighth grade Spanish once a week each. I want to introduce duolingo to them but with Duolingo they will be able to learn Spanish faster than I can teach them and I'm worried my lessons will become obsolete. Did anyone run into this problem before even if your class meets more than once a week? If so, how did you adapt to it? Did you change your course to fit the Duolingo course?

September 13, 2015



why is it a problem if students get ahead of you? let the faster learners offer to explain things to the slower students. if everyone in the class is ahead of your lessons, then you may need to increase the pace.


Hey-The faster they learn, the better.


You are correct there, why would I worry about how I will plan lessons when they are learning?

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