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"A hammer is an object that one uses to hit with."

Translation:En hammer er en gjenstand som man bruker til å slå med.

September 13, 2015



Can the word "at" be used here in place of "som" to start the dependent clause?


Is there a rule re: when you use one versus the other? One thing that I find that I consistently have difficulty with is to know when to use på, til, som, or i.


'som' when it's a relative clause, 'at' when it's a dependent clause.

In a relative clause 'that' refers to something in the previous sentence.

"He is the man that saved me"
"Han er mannen som reddet meg."

In a dependent clause 'that' just starts the new sentence, which depends on information in the previous one, and 'that' can often be omitted.

"I know that it's green" = "I know it's green"
"Jeg vet at den er gønn"


Great stuff, thanks a lot. Are there similar rules for "på" and "til"?


Those are prepositions, which, in a grammatical sense, are (nearly) lawless :(

'på' ~ 'on'
'til' ~ 'to'

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