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1,000,000 Daoine ag Fás

So, after almost 13 months, the Irish course will hit this mark at some point in the next 24 hours. It's fair to say there have been some bumpy moments, but the successful launch ensured that many other volunteer-created courses were given the green light, and the demand for a minority-language course perhaps prepared the way for the upcoming Catalan and Welsh. Even if only 5% of learners actually finished the course, that would still be 50,000 new/experienced people increasing their skills in the language, and it's hard to think of a free online Irish course as widely available to international learners.

September 13, 2015



Thank you for sharing these with us! What wonderful images.

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Half way through the tree right now, and still learning every day :)

Thanks to everybody contributing to the course. It's an awesome experience and I'm loving every minute of it.


I would like to give you all my warmest thanks as well. You did an awesome job :-) Irish is such a beatiful language.

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By the way, if this number accounts has the number of people who clicked "learn Irish" once, but never actually did anything with it ...

Well that would mean, that the number of learners is about equal to that of the people who speak it as a second language in Ireland, and has over 7 times the number of native speakers in Ireland (not including Northern Ireland). [1]

Does anybody have more info on the background of the numbers about this course?



beidh mé ag críochnú é

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