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Irish Reaching 1,000,000 Learners!!

Dia dhaoibh! Cén chaoi a bhfuil sibh? I would just love to give a big "Comhghairdeas" to the Irish team for putting together this "iontach" course and creating it to be capable of reaching 1,000,000 learners! Considering that there are only a little over 94,000 people speaking Irish in their day to day lives, this achievement is "ollmhór"! Thanks to the learners of Irish, the Irish language is being kept alive! As a community, let's celebrate for this great accomplishment as we count up to 1,000,000 learners mark from 998,000!

Check it out here for the more precise numbers —> https://incubator.duolingo.com

1. There were other languages spoken here before Irish but, by 500AD, Irish was spoken all over Ireland and was spreading through Scotland, the west coast of Britain and the Isle of Man.

2. Irish was first written in the Roman alphabet before the beginning of the 7th century which makes Irish the oldest written vernacular language north of the Alps.

3. Lots of people started to take up English, especially during and after the Great Famine.

4. Even though Irish is spoken by a minority in Ireland, it is recognized as the first official language of Ireland. Irish became an official language of the EU on 1 January 2007.

5. Irish is spoken in quite a few countries, and is even taught at third level in colleges in the United States and Australia, and in parts of Europe.

September 13, 2015



It's quite exciting to see so many people learning Irish. I think languages that are disappearing (not that Irish is disappearing) should be studied. I have an interest in Irish because it's part of my family's heritage. A million learners is incredible!


Yay, go Irish! but wasn't Irish first written in Ogham, and spoken in ireland from up to 1000 BC? Also, I don't want to be a whinger or anything, but that picture of Ireland with a fifth of it cut out is kind of frustrating.


Congratulations team Irish


wow OWO seems like people really love that language i cant even study roman launguage!;-;


Yaay! It's a great course and I'm really glad it's being offered here.

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