My Duolingo is in Greek without apparent reason and I cannot figure out how to turn it back :( :( :( Google translate doesn't help. I tried to create a new profile to find it in my own language, but I couldn't find a button to change the language there either. Could anyone please give me a step by step explanation in English or German?

Thanks in advance!

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I'm from New Zealand, so I will try to explain in English. First, go to this link - Then click the menu in the centre of the page (next to where it says "Learning Language." (In Greek probably though). This menu will lead to the course you want. Click on i "Ich will Englisch lernen (Ich kann Deutsch) and save changes (if necessary - I don't remember) and the language text is displayed in will change to German.

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Thank you! I had tried this several times already and even now I had to try it several times again with different courses for German or English speakers - anyway, finally it worked! I am so relieved I didn't lose my work ;) Thanks so much!!!

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