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  5. "We live in the same city."

"We live in the same city."

Translation:Biz aynı şehirde yaşıyoruz.

September 13, 2015



Why not "aynı şehirde oturuz"?


the verb is otur-mak, so it is otur-(u)r-(u)z: otururuz


Although "yaşiyoruz" and "oturuyoruz" both essentially mean "to live/reside", I believe that there is slight difference in usage between them. "Yaşıyorum" is used more in general context of location (what country, what city, what area) whereas "oturuyorum" seems to be used when referring to a specific location, residence or address.

Eg. "Ben Kanada'da yaşıyorum" (I live in Canada).

"Amcam Levent'e oturuyor" (my uncle resides in Levent or the subdivision of Levent).

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