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First time working in French

So, I had my first professional experience today in French! I'm a graphic designer and I had someone approach me and ask about some work, and we discussed it all in French. It was email communication so I think the significant amount of immersion I've done on Duolingo really helped. Anyways, it was scary but great!

September 13, 2015



hey luckygutsy :-)
Congratulations. I'm pretty much done with my German, started to learn French a while ago. I wanted to ask if you used other sources together with Duo for your French?


Thanks! I hope you're enjoying the course so far! I took two semesters of university French, but that started from the very bottom (bonjour, comment ça va?) and I've gone farther with Duolingo. I've also done a bit of hitchhiking in France, Cambodia (of course they speak Khmer there, but many older people speak French) and Mauritius (where the French is a very confusing Creole), and was forced to make French conversation with the drivers, which was a really good sort of immersion I'd really recommend.


Thanks , all the best. :-)


>I wanted to ask if you used other sources together with Duo for your French?

I've found memrise.com very helpful for basic drilling of lots of vocabulary. I primarily use their mobile app for the iPhone, but the site is very good as well. One of the French courses is the complete DuoLingo French vocabulary, for instance.

And, there's also a free iPhone app called "La conjugaison" that, as you might guess, conjugates French verbs into all their tenses.


In fact, I'm anti ''memrise'', you could say; I used it myself for quite a lot of time. I even contributed to the ''+5000 German words'' and am on to 50 I guess, although I haven't used it for a looong time. I find memrise extremely inefficient.
I like the kind of ''immersion'' style in Duolingo. I may try the other app you mentioned.

Merci :-)


French is a great Language I stopped studying it because I didn't have any time with Spanish and French But I still know a few words! Merci Beacoup!


[deactivated user]


    Félicitations ! Vos traductions dans l'immersion sont fantastiques.


    Merci beaucoup! J'aime vraiment la fonctionalité d'immersion :)


    Umm... Excuse me but I don't know a lot of French but can you translate that for me?


    "Congratulations! Your translations in Immersion are fantastic."


    And I said "thanks a lot! I really like to immersion feature"


    Bravo! J'espere je peux travaille en francais un jour, aussi.


    Wow, I'm impressed!


    Sounds like your making decent progress, but where do you get the time to do so much immersion?


    I always have Duolingo open in a tab on my laptop. If I'm waiting for a file to save, a video to load, waiting for the bus, on the bus, etc., I switch over to it. Since immersion's text based you can do it silently so you can do it anywhere.


    Speaking is far scarier than e-mail or texting but I know what you mean. Keep it up. I'm always texting, chatting online with some one in my target language. Eventually I hope to speak with someone in my target language almost every other day.


    Good for you! I look at this this way: even though it may be scary, think of all the experience you'll get talking to a real, live person in French. Sometimes my mom (who is fluent in French and English) converse in French for that reason. I'm also fluent in Sign Language, so I teach her some, I've taught it to children and seniors, and I converse with my hearing aunt and cousin. I have also recently started getting back together with my Sign Language group that meets once a month for anyone who is interested, d/Deaf or hearing. Every time I go, I say to myself "well, I'm here to practice my Sign Language, I'm going to start a conversation with a d/Deaf person!" It's really exciting too, as I don't get to converse much. They know that I'm hearing and are often willing to help if I get something wrong. It's scary, but it's a great way to make connections.


    That's awesome! I totally agree that it helps to get out of your comfort zone a bit, which is something no amount of Duolingo can really teach.


    Nice work, congratulations!!


    That's so awesome! My goal is to go to Paris after college with my sisters and cousins. Wishing you all the best! Au revoir!

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