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  5. "I take off my socks."

"I take off my socks."

Translation:Jeg tar av meg sokkene.

September 13, 2015



I seem to always put the noun before the possesive determiner ie 'sokkene mine'. Is this structure less common than using meg ie 'meg sokkene'?


This confuses many people, including, initially, myself. "Jeg tar av meg sokkene." Literally means, "I take off myself the socks." There is no possessive adjective here. "Meg" is a reflexive one uses in a lot of verbs that relate to the human body. The possessive is implied through context, here being "jeg" and "meg." "My socks" with emphasis on the my would be either "mine sokker" or "sokkene mine." Here, you don't need either of those. You just need "sokkene," since the rest of the sentence tells you whose socks you're talking about.


thanks for the help. now it makes sense.


So for these "putting on/taking off sentences" are the clothes always in definite form?

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