"Teorio kaj praktiko iras kune."

Translation:Theory and practice go together.

September 14, 2015

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Is this seriously a valid usage of 'iri'?


Looks like definition 8 of iri in PIV:

8 (io) Disvolviĝi, evolui, progresi iel: la afero iras boneZ, malboneZ; tiel la aferoj iris en la daŭro de tuta jaroZ; la afero ne volis iri boneZ; la afero ne iras glateZ; iri laŭ deziroZ, en ordoZ; mi jam provos, kiel ajn ĝi irosZ; tio ne iras tiel rapideZ; sen mensoga rekomendo ne iros la vendoZ; kiel iras via komercaĵo?Z.


develop, evolve, progress in some way: the matter goes well, badly; that's the way matters went during the whole year; the matter didn't want to go well; the matter doesn't go smoothly; go according to a desire, go in order; I already tried, somehow or other it'll go; that doesn't go that quickly; without a lying recommendation, the sale won't go (through); who do the sales go?

(the "Z" marks the example phrases and sentences as being from Zamenhof's pen)


Does the dictionary only use the Big Zs examples because all the sentences have one.


No; there are also examples from other authors such as Kalocsay, as well as examples with no authorship letter attached to them.


"Teorie, ne ekzistas diferenco inter teorio kaj praktiko. Sed praktike, gxi ekzistas."

  • Nekonata Origino (kelkfoje Jan L. A. van de Snepscheut, kelkfoje Yogi Berra, kelkfoje aliaj personoj)


How would you say "should go together" (since that's closer to reality, anyway...)?


Nur en teorie...

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