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  5. Jag fick en gyllene uggla!


Jag fick en gyllene uggla!

It took me far too long, but I finished my tree tonight. I am nowhere near done with Swedish though. I still need to go back and regild my tree.

I have wanted to learn Swedish for sixteen years now, and it's been a struggle. During most of that time I had almost no access to speakers of the language but I would constantly search for courses. I started in January, as soon as I became aware of the Duolingo course. I took a few months break half way through during spring, and also spent a week in Sweden in early summer. Already I was picking up a lot words, not only in Sweden, but also in Norwegian in Norway.

Tomorrow I start in person classes. For the first time in my life, Swedish lessons are available where I live. The lessons are for complete novices, but I want to work on my pronunciation. I have a feeling I'll know just about everything when it comes to the grammar, but I could always use the practice.

My only suggestion for the course would be to have more English to Swedish translation, but I understand that is in the hands of Duolingo.

I would like to thank the Duolingo Swedish team for the tremendous work in creating the course. My heartfelt thanks go out to you. I would also like to thank all those who help in the comments. My comprehension of the language would not be what it is without you. Tack så väldigt mycket.

September 14, 2015



Grattis! I want to thank you for asking really good questions - questions that do not even occur to me. Every morning when I go through my activity, I see the comments you have made, and start systematically going through them, because I know I will learn something new by doing so. So thank you for being a part of the Swedish community. :)


Well thank you. For me, what helps is seeing the threads in the tapestry of language, and the patterns they make when woven together. Each question puts another stitch in the weave of words. Wish Swedish, I also gain tremendous insight into my own language.

And while much of my ancestry is from the British Isles, I've always felt there is Norse in my blood. Why else would I be so drawn to the north? Sweden (and Norway) even felt like home when I was there. I've not felt that before.

I plan to stick around until my whole tree is golden :)


A magnificent owl. Congratulations!

[deactivated user]

    Congratulations! Down the road, please tell us about the in class course and how easy it is to pick up the spoken language with your Duo lingo backing. I'm sure your teacher will be most impressed.


    So I just got out of the first class an hour ago. Looking at the text and exercise books, I know almost all the words already. I'm also able to understand spoken speech pretty well. Our instructor is from Skåne, but she's teaching us Rikssvenska (pretty much what Duo teaches). She has taught immigrants in Sweden before, and she's very funny. She's good at switching dialects. She did a bit of speaking in her native dialect because I asked and I did find it a little tougher to understand, but it wasn't bad. I understood it better than the first time I heard English spoken with a heavy Hispanic accent.

    The big thing I need to work on is speaking and making sure I have the vowels correct. But that is also why I'm taking the course. Duo has done an excellent job with the grammar and vocabulary already.

    She's actually used Duolingo a bit for French, and she knows exactly what it's like to struggle with the speaking. She's at the same point with her French.


    Bork! Bork bork bork. Bork bork? Bork bork!


    Grattis! Och lycka till med dina fortsatta studier!


    Tack! Duolingo har gett mig en solid grund. Jag kommer fortfarande att vara kvar för en läng tid. Du är inte helt bli av med mig ännu ;)


    Grattis! Det var välförtjänt! Men nu undrar jag hur du skall tillaga ugglan?


    Äta ugglor??! Nej vet du vad, ugglor är fridlysta!


    Vell furst yuoo teke-a zee put und zeen yuoo poot zee oovl in zee put...

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