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  5. "Jenta tegner en elg."

"Jenta tegner en elg."

Translation:The girl is drawing a moose.

September 14, 2015



To write or say 'a elk' is simply grammatically incorrect when translating to English. In this case, it is simply the fact that elk begins with a vowel. Example: An elk; A moose. An animal; A plant.

"A", An", "One" can all be used in the singular, but if you're not a native or very fluent speaker of English, the proper use of articles can be tricky.

The use of the numerals is somewhat subjective, but in most cases typing "one" is preferred.


A moose is not an elk.


"Moose/European Elk are the genus Alces and the species Alces. They are called Alces Alces. NOTE: this is what Norwegians call elg or moose when they translate it conversationally to English. It is different than what North Americans call Elk."


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