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  5. "Kvar kan eg kjøpa smør?"

"Kvar kan eg kjøpa smør?"

Translation:Where can I buy butter?

September 14, 2015



This sounds and writes so weirdly compared to the rest of the course... I'm glad this is only one small bonus lesson!


Congratulations on having access to this skill! I can't even access it at the moment, and I made it...


It doesn't seem to be normally accessible, no! For some reason it appeared as a bonus skill in the Spanish lingot store due to some freak bug that I can't replicate any more. Even after buying it, nothing changed, so I entered Nynorsk manually into the URL bar and here we are.

I'm guessing this will be an officially sanctioned bonus skill at some point?


Likely this week. But shhhhhh :D


and this was five months ago!

[deactivated user]

    And this was four years ago!

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