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  5. "Now we are a committee."

"Now we are a committee."

Translation:Nå er vi en komité.

September 14, 2015



Why, if i May ask, after the initial"Nå", do we need to say "er vi" instead of "vi er"?


Verb must be in position 2


From my understanding, the verb always comes second in Norwegian.


'Vi er nå en komité' shows the 'é' as a typo. Is this correct? Should it be 'komite' in certain structures?


It shouldn't be a typo. You can use either version at any time.


This may have to do with the keyboard you are using. In the Duolingo Ukrainian course, certain vowels with diacritics that I needed to use (in particular i and ï) were not available on the Russian Cyrillic keyboard I have, so I had to enter them using the English keyboard. Even though the letters look exactly the same, I got these marked as typos, or sometimes even incorrect. It probably had to do with the ASCII code (or whatever the code is that modern keyboard apps use) being different between the two. I finally got around it by copying those letters that gave me trouble from other Cyrillic texts and pasting them into my sentences where needed.

I hope this isn't your issue, as the workaround can be a bit of a pain. But if it is, that's how I surmounted the problem. :-)

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