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  5. "Where is dad?"

"Where is dad?"

Translation:Де тато?

September 14, 2015



So if we literally translate it, it would be 'Where dad?' But im guessing that in Ukrainian, there are no articles because the translation here says it means 'Where is dad?'. I'm confused.


You are correct, there are no articles in Ukrainian. "Where is dad?" can be literally translated as "Де є тато?", but "є" (present tense of "бути" -> "to be") in this sentence is omitted. I guess this is what confuses you.


I have trouble typing the Д when i type it it is always wrong. I need help :(

[deactivated user]

    Just type "D"!


    You can type the Roman alphabet equivalents. "D" in this case. That seems to work for me on Duolingo anyway.

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