"Ich mag den Löffel nicht!"

Translation:I do not like the spoon!

January 3, 2013

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What would the plural versuon be?


Ich mag die Löffel nicht


What make it dative?


It's not dative, it's accusative.

Dem Löffel (dative) >>>>> den Löffel (accusative)


I feel ashamed to ask but can you tell me what is the difference between dative and accusative?


A noun in the accusative case is often called the direct object. When someone says that a noun is in the accusative case what they're saying is that the noun is directly affected by the verb. For example: we see HIM, they hear US, he has THE BALL. A noun in the dative case is often called the indirect object. When someone says that a noun is in the dative case that means that the noun either the recipient of the direct object or the noun that we do something to. It's usually translated with the word "to" before it. For example: he gives the ball to HER, he talks to THE DOG, they talk to HIM. Note in the first example the words THE BALL would be in the accusative case. I hope this helps :)

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