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  5. "Burada her birey mutlu."

"Burada her birey mutlu."

Translation:Here, every individual is happy.

September 14, 2015



"Here everyone is happy."? Seems to be similar enough in meaning to me?


"herkes" is "everyone."

The sentences stresses the happiness of every single individual (just like the English sentence).


But in English, this sentence is pretty awkward. Americans would probably say, "Here every single person is happy." I defer to another with greater knowledge of U.K. English to say what a British speaker would say.


I definitely agree that most people would probably say "person" over "individual" in this sentence, but if I were to play devil's advocate, I would point out that birey definitely seems to stress individuality.


I don't believe anyone would say "here every individual is happy". I'm English and I would think the person saying that was foreign! We would say "Here everyone is happy" or "here everyone is an individual personality and they are happy". I cant think of a sentence where you would say the above, its just wrong. Or I had a bad education! haha :oD


I agree, 'here every individual is happy' simply isn't a real English sentence. It's not how we would communicate the information in the Turkish sentence. In the UK we'd say either 'everyone' or 'every single person' if we wanted to really stress that it was everyone. 'Every individual' is unnecessary because it's literally what 'everyone' means. And 'every person' sounds weird too, like a non-native speaker's attempt.


I suppose the point of this sentence is to teach us that "birey = individual", so the fact that the English translation doesn't sound natural is not that important (unless you are using this course to learn English).


@Coolefect, I sometimes even hear like "ne yapiyon?" My advice: learn the rules, but listen to the people also.


or napıyon & nabion ... slang is slang, def not the stuff textbooks are made of.

to go back to the main question though, it's crazy awkward for english but this isn't english and some of the exercises are quirky. sometimes this makes for the best learning


I am quite agree with you. Best thing is to know the rules and also try to speak with a good accent.


This sentence sounds Orwellian in English! Does it sound normal in Turkish?


Hey, although I may just be hearing the pronunciation incorrectly, whenever I listen to the word 'burada' it sounds like 'burda.' Is the first 'a' silent or is it just me?


'Burda' is what I hear from ppl in Turkey. Just like 'ne yapiyorsun' that they pronunce it 'napiyorsun'.


So, which is literary correct?


"ne yapıyorsun" and "burada" are correct when you are writing. But in speech, it is common and acceptable to shorten things. :-)


I typed "everybody is happy here ". But it was wrong. I had the idea but it wasn't enough. Herkes is everybody.


Why does "Every happy individual is here" not work?


That would be: "Her mutlu birey burada"


Is burada her biri mutlu the same?


How do you pronounce "mutlu"? In the audio it sounds like "mkl".

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