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  5. "Bunlar dün oldu."

"Bunlar dün oldu."

Translation:These happened yesterday.

September 14, 2015



Just an observation but it is quite rare to hear these happened yesterday. I woukd suggest "these things happened yesterday" or something along those lines.


That is already accepted :)


Quite rare, No.

You will never hear these 3 words put together, ever.

I am shocked at DuoLingo.


I agree that it sounds a bit strange. "Those happened yesterday" seems more natural, perhaps because "yesterday" implies some distance (in time) that would make "those" preferable to "these" in English (though of course the Turkish uses bunlar rather than şunlar or onlar ).


Todd, please, take Duolingo sentences as they are. Here you can easily imagine a conversation between several persons about events...."yes, i know, these happened yesterday", but i could not go", something like that. Can you?


Hello, Mariane and Dorkykong. You see that my post was in response to DarynKJohn. I agree with him and you (Dorkykong) that the English sounds more natural if we include "things." It's also true that "these" and "those" can sometimes stand on their own as subjects. I'm happy enough with the English translation as given. If I were part of the conversation myself, I would probably include "things." It looks like the Turkish pronoun stands on its own a little better than the English ones, at least in this example.


Nah that's not the issue. These and those are pronouns, and technically independent of time. The issue is that these and those can't always stand on their own. In the case of these/those happened, there needs to be a "things" or similar inbetween.


How do we differentiate between haopened and died in Turkish?


Shamshoom, "oldu"="happened", verb "olmak"="to bo happen, to be" and "öldü"="he died", verb "ölmek"="to die".


I assume that this would be a sentence that would follow some other sentence that would clue us in to what "these" things are that happened yesterday?


Yes, you're rigth!


This happened yesterday. Nothing else makes any sense. "These happened yesterday" is an appalling example to use in a language course.

Now we all have to get it wrong to get it right.


Sandra, DL sentence here makes sense with a little bit of imagination. Please, read Shinimegami's comment above. Thanks.


"These were yesterday"... is this a possible translation, maybe even the exact one? (Thx)


Why that not ?: those become yesteday


Why is that not "Those become yesterday"?

Bunlar dün oldu.

bunlar: these
onlar/şunlar: those
oldu: happened/was (or were)/became
(The -du is the past-tense marker.)

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