The correct words for the correct frequency

Look what I got from Friendly Italian on their Facebook page!

The numbers at the bottom of the chart don't really mean anything; the terms given are shown from largest to smallest frequency (always to never), when you want to describe something.
Useful, right?

September 14, 2015


I think it is useful because it shows you the meaning of the word,in all sense. For example:

MAI is equal to say NEVER in eglish and in both cases it means that there is the 0% of possibility that it might happen..

This image allows you to understand the possibility of a thing , simply using one of these words..

It is ALWAYS ( SEMPRE - 100% of every cases) clean.

the numbers at the bottom are useless I think. :D

September 14, 2015

Mabby's back!

September 15, 2015

Di solito and generalmente mean almost always, they should be up there.

I mean, they mean something you do almost every time you have the chance to, it's like... usually.

Di solito non faccio queste cose, ma per stavolta... = usually I don't do this, but this time... - exception to a rule

Generalmente non mangio la sera = in general, as a general rule. Not strictly a rule, but almost.

September 15, 2015

Very nice. Thank you Mabby!

September 15, 2015

I love italian language charts. Does 'quasi' fit this list ?

September 15, 2015

Not really, I don't think. It's only one baby step above mai , in my opinion.
Because if it almost happened, but didn't, then it never happened.

September 15, 2015
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