"Barda yaşlı kadınlar var."

Translation:There are old women at the bar.

September 14, 2015

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Does Bar in Turkish mean the retail establishment that serves alcoholic beverages or the counter at which drinks are served, or both? (definition from wikipedia :-) ).

I would think only the establishment, but the English translation here would indicate the latter (in the bar vs. at the bar).

Also: this is kind of a macho sentence, isn't it? :-)

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Thanks. And does the ambiguity in the English sentence also exist in Turkish? Can you tell if the establishment or the counter is meant in the sentence "Barda kadınlar var." ?

Questions, questions... :-)


There is the same ambiguity in English :)

Actually, "bar" can mean a looot of things in English. It isn't just a place to drink alcohol or order alcohol, but it is also an examination for lawyers, something you can hang things off of, a place to buy non-alcoholic beverages, an architectural term, a musical term, and a scientific measurement still used by some people in the US for atmospheric pressure.


Isn't the sentence actually locative?


Why are the word in plural form instead of singular form

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Because it is more than one woman. No grammatical reason.


it doesn't seem to accept,,,there are older women at the bar..... :0


Why is "in the bar there are old women" incorrect ?

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