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  5. "Ich renne."

"Ich renne."

Translation:I run.

November 2, 2013



rennen vs laufen?


The meaning of "rennen" is "to race/run/spring" and the meaning of "laufen" is " to run/walk/go" 'Gehen' is usually used to indicate going by foot. 'Rennen' is pretty much the same as 'to run'. 'Laufen' however is really a rather strange word. Occasionally it is used as 'to walk', but I would say it's more common as a weaker form of running, more like jogging. For example, when running away from a wild animal you would use rennen, when you run/jog around town to improve your fitness, laufen is more appropriate. Basically: gehen laufen rennen sprinten; Hope this helps!


Thanks for clearing that up


Thanks for the help!


There are some very insightful comments on this over here: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1044779 :)


There seems to be a regional difference in how laufen is used. In the north, it's closer to gehen and in the south it's closer to rennen. I think of laufen as "run" and rennen as "race" (because "racecar" is rennwagen) but Duo doesn't always accept "race" for rennen. I always report that as an error.



In the Stuttgart area in SW Germany (please do not interpret these as rules for standard German, especially the one for "laufen"):

*Gehen is similar to the English word "go", e.g. "wir gehen nächste Woche zu meiner Oma" could be on foot or by car or maybe even by plane. It is just not used in all cases where "go" is used: "Wir fahren mit dem Auto"/"Wir fliegen mit dem Flugzeug"

*Laufen is an all-purpose word which can be walking or running

*Rennen is used for fast running (as fast as you can, e.g. to catch a bus)

*In the local Swabian dialect also the word "springen" is used which means something like "go quickly on foot".

The usage of "laufen" by Swabians often confuses people who are not from that area and would use "gehen" instead.

[deactivated user]

    whats the difference between rennen and laufen or laufen and gehen?


    'Rennen' & 'laufen' is almost the same; 'To run'. 'Gehen' means 'to go'.


    I can barely understand the person pronouncing this...


    It sounds like "Ich weine" at regular speed. At slow speed I can get the "renne", but for these purposes they should improve the audio.


    To me it sounds like ,ich brenne.


    Woh, that means that you are burning!!!


    Rennen → to run (away) / laufen → to run, no?... I write "I run away" for "ich renne", and duo considers it as false...


    rennen by itself is not "run away" -- that would be wegrennen or weglaufen, with the weg signifying "away".


    Thanks for the help! Mizinamo


    Why do I hear the man pronunciating 'venne' and no renne' ?


    Why 'r' sound is so unstable it almost sounds silent


    I typed "ich bene" and it was accepted.


    It sounded like "ren" instead of "renne"


    Why i was hearing the r like w like würde


    Thanks for the info


    How can you say "I can run a show" in german? Is it "Ich kann renne eine Show?"


    To "run a show" is an idiomatic expression that will not have a direct translation. To use a modal verb like "können", we can create a sentence like "I can run fast/quickly." = "Ich kann schnell rennen." Bear in mind that when you use a modal verb like können, that modal verb is conjugated and the other verb (rennen, in this case) appears in its infinitive form.


    i think he meant "run a show" as in a show being an event and he being the one keeping it running, or working


    I know what he meant. Like I said, it's idiomatic, so wouldn't be anything to do with the German verb 'rennen' (nor 'laufen' or 'gehen'.


    So my understanding of "laufen" is "to walk" and "rennen" is "to run" can someone tell me if i am right or wrong?


    So my understanding of "laufen" is "to walk" and "rennen" is "to run" can someone tell me if i am right or wrong?

    gehen is to walk.

    rennen is to run

    laufen is... either. It can mean "walk" or "run".

    In the north of Germany, it's more likely to mean "run", and in the south, more likely to mean "walk", but it can have either meaning anywhere, depending on the context.


    Your sooooooo helpful i have learned so much from you!


    In the next section where it says She swims perfect. Is anyone else having trouble with the word tabs not voming up?? I cant advance because of it.


    No trable at all you are right. Danke.


    Did anyone else hear "ich weine?"


    Ich renne , you are correct. It looks like different sounds. Great abservation.


    I said "I ran" and it marked it wrong and said "I sprint" was correct

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