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  5. "I am taking the clothes off."

"I am taking the clothes off."

Translation:Jeg tar av meg klærne.

September 15, 2015



Unnatural English sentence. I'm taking off my clothes or I am taking my clothes off, would make more sense.


I agree. The English sentence is very odd, as it doesn't specify who is wearing the clothes. I'm thinking the Norwegian sentence should drop the possessive pronoun to reflect the English sentence better: 'Jeg tar av klærne.' Does it now sound even weirder in Norwegian than in English?


the answer is wrong "i am taking my clothes off" would be right for that answer


@markuss02 & @Tiramisucat : I believe the answer is actually correct here. The owner of the clothes is not specified. "my clothes" = "klærne mine", whereas "tar av meg" means to take off something that is on you (as opposed to being on someone/something else). So "I am taking my clothes off." would (I think) translate as "Jeg tar av meg klærne mine." (though maybe you could drop the "meg" in that case...?).

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