Suggestion: Endless Mode

I think it would be fun to have a practice mode that has no end. It would just be phrase after phrase endlessly until you decide to end the session. Also, having stats on my performance during the session would be neat to see.


September 15, 2015


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I should be highest number of questions until you made three mistakes, and a leaderboard with that.

September 15, 2015

I would like this, especially if the phrases were pulled from all over the tree. When I go into a skill, I think, "I am doing 'politics', that means all the phrases apply to 'politics'." But if it were phrases pulled from everywhere, I think I would learn them better. I know the test that costs 25 Lingots pulls phrases from everywhere, and so I like taking that. But even that has an end. Also, the test doesn't tell you what mistakes you made, only that you made them. I think both (the existing test, and the endless feature) need to tell you, "You missed the following phrases:" (which wouldn't be that complicated to program) or even better "You missed the following phrases, and here are the skills where they are found:"

If you click on the "strengthen skills" button on the right (just below your stats graph), it'll give you a practice lesson with stuff from all over the tree.

Great idea, Darth_Jujee! I especially like the pulling from random and all parts of the tree.

It sounds interesting to me. I think I would need more concentration than in an usual lesson. Another thing to keep in mind is the amount of experience that we might gain....


Souldn't greetings be before the text?

I'm lazy right now, so I'm afraid you will have to translate my explanation:

"Greetings" se traduce usualmente como "saludos" y es algo común que un texto en español se desee un saludo al final del mismo.

For example:

..."le agradezco por todo su apoyo. Saludos."

Puede que no sea correcto en inglés, así que solo es una traducción literal


I think an interesting addition onto your idea would be to have the 3-hearts rule. Maybe every ~10 you get right in a row, you recover a heart as well

As someone who has competed the English learning Spanish tree and is now working on the Spanish learning English tree, I would love to see both trees integrated into a new practice mode. I'm learning so many other things in the reverse tree!

Yeah... sounds cool

That sound like a great idea! I hope your suggestion gets picked for the game!

That sounds like a good idea. Maybe there could be hearts like on test out? For this there could be ten tries, not four. Also, if there were goals like "get three points in blahblahblah" that would be cool.

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