"They pulled for a long time, but did not succeed."

Translation:Ili tiris dum longa tempo, sed ne sukcesis.

September 15, 2015

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Ĉu tempo? ĉe tien? Io ne taŭgas.

Sed fojo ankaŭ ne ŝajnas taŭgi. Ĉu periodo?


"tempo" tute taŭgas.


Why can't I say 'Ili longe tiris...'? It is used in another sentence which I think translates to 'They played for a long time but in the end did not succeed'


Malsama leciono?


It was in this same set of 'Sports' though. Be that as it may, could you tell me why different rules should apply to these similar sentences?


More info would really help.
If you think your answer should have been accepted, report it.
I'm not sure what else can be said.

if you're looking for meaningful feedback in the forum: It's always good to include:

  • the whole sentence you entered
  • the full correction
  • any unused word tiles
  • screenshot or copy-paste is best

Clear questions with full sentences are appreciated. Questions of the form "ABC is wrong because?" will often get answered, but not by me. Questions of the form "hundo?" are probably clear to the asker, but not always to the answerer.


Okay got it, will try to do better next time, thanks

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